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MHCPT Chartered Physiotherapy is a mobile based physiotherapy service covering South and Central Manchester (City Centre, Stretford, Old Trafford, Chorlton, Sale, Stockport), committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care from the comfort of your own home environment.

We believe that our patients deserve the best care and we also understand that life can be hectic and your schedules can get busy. That's why we bring the treatment to you. Saving you time and stress. Whether you require a simple checkup or a more complex treatment regime, we have the skills and resources to manage all your health needs from your own home. 

Our Practice
Lead Therapist: Marek Holowenko
Senior Therapy


Marek Holowenko is a highly skilled physiotherapist who is both chartered and state registered. His effective treatments combine an orthopaedic medicine approach with myofascial tissue analysis and mobilisation.

Marek has worked within the fitness and rehabilitation profession for over 20 years, previously specialising in exercise referral and cardiac rehabilitation. As well as recently completing a postgraduate diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine, he is also a qualified sports psychologist, and an advanced Pilates instructor. 

Our Services


As one of Manchester's most highly sought after rehabilitation clinics, we carefully specialise in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before. And while we work hard to offer top-of-the-line treatments that help you feel better and get better, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure you stay better for longer.


Having established excellent working relationships with local Consultants, Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals, we are also well placed to offer onward referral if appropriate.

Physical Therapy for Athletes

At MHCPT Chartered Physiotherapy, our personalised treatments for Athletes of all standards and levels, have provided patients with the resources they need to get their health on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your health is in good hands.

We provide therapeutic support to sports teams such as North West Badminton, Manchester Aquatics and Sun Velo Cycling. We also work closely with individuals at national and international performance level, looking for that extra edge in recovery and sporting achievement. 

Sports Injury

Post-op Physical Therapy

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At MHCPT Chartered Physiotherapy, we provide a service that optimises your recovery post surgery. We aim to make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed.

Our treatments will have benefits in:

• Promotion of wound and tissue healing.

• Reduction of inflammation. 

• Restoration of function.

Schedule your Post-op Physiotherapy today and see how we can get you or your loved ones feeling great again.

Wrist Brace



General Physical Therapy

If you’re looking for quality General Physiotherapy, then MHCPT Chartered Physiotherapy is the clinic for you. We are here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way.

General conditions treated include:

• Soft tissue injuries to ligaments or tendons: - tennis elbow, golfers elbow, frozen shoulder, ankle sprains, muscle tears etc.
•Back and neck problems such as slipped discs, sciatica, whiplash, trapped nerves etc.
• Joint conditions: - pain, swelling or stiffness, including arthritis & dislocations etc.
• Sport-related injuries to muscles ligaments, tendons & cartilage: - knee & ankle etc.
• Fractures: - Restoration of function.

Physical therapy on leg


Pilates is a holistic exercise system designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance; so much more than just building a 'strong core' or 'perfect posture'.

Pilates is effective as it addresses underlying structural imbalances in the body which can create on-going pain and difficulty with movement. The whole body is considered. Lengthened and strengthened muscles improve posture and overall fitness and retrain dysfunctional movement patterns, restoring optimum physical function.


Regardless of age, ability or fitness,

Pilates is beneficial for everyone.


Regular practitioners of Pilates may feel a heightened sense of awareness and ease in their bodies, experiencing less pain and increased mobility. 


It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise. Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and General Practitioners recommend Pilates as one of the most effective forms of exercise today.

Marek Holowenko has been practicing Pilates within Trafford Leisure for over 15 years and his classes are highly sought after. Marek has been able to apply his skills as a physiotherapist and specialist in bio-mechanics to provide a highly effective class for all ages and fitness abilities.

Although classes are demanding, working harder is often not the goal of a Pilates class. It is through thoughtful, precise movement practice that habitual patterns can significantly change and the benefits of the method are felt. Marek seeks to build of the foundational principles of Joe Pilates' controlology in his exercise programmes, emphasising strength, stability, flexibility, whole-body health and whole-body commitment.

Sessions last 55mins.

I have been fortunate to have received treatment for a couple of on going injuries I’ve sustained from running and also a recent car accident from Marek. I have had treatment in the past from private and NHS professionals. I can honestly say Marek is extremely knowledgable and thorough in his practice and treatment. I have ever confidence in him. I can’t recommend his service highly enough. Thank you Marek.

Jane Holmes  

After breaking my arm and tearing my rotator cuff the NHS physio was failing me so I did a quick Google search and was lucky enough to find Marek very local to me. From assessment to present day, Marek has been incredible. He's very knowledgeable, professional and a great person. The NHS physio thought I would never reach full mobility again and in 6 months I have 99% functionality back. Thank you Marek and I wish you the very best for your career

Alan Cox

I have been fortunate to have received treatment for a couple of on going injuries I’ve sustained from running and also a recent car accident from Marek. I have had treatment in the past from private and NHS professionals. I can honestly say Marek is extremely knowledgable and thorough in his practice and treatment. I have ever confidence in him. I can’t recommend his service highly enough. Thank you Marek.

Dr Trevor Young

Great service, begins with a thorough general assessment and then works on long term rehabilitation as well as immediate remedial treatment. As an ageing 'athlete' I especially like the tailored exercise programmes I am given for strength, maintenance and injury prevention, which not all physios go into. Holistic and subject-specific treatment- recommended.

Sean Cordell

I went to Marek after having ongoing problems with my shoulder. Having been to a couple of other physios before, Marek was the best and within four weeks he had me back to full strength. Would recommend to anyone

Mike Birtwistle

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Monday: 9am - 5:30pm
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Stretford Leisure Centre
Greatstone Road, Stretford
M32 0ZS


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